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Howard Farm-To-Fork Launches on Cyber Monday

Posted by Christopher Merdon on

Howard County Farm-To-Fork Launches on Online Farmers Market


Ellicott City, MD - On Monday, November 30, 2015, a new online farmers market website will launch in Howard County called “Howard County Farm-To-Fork”.  The online market ( is a one-stop-shop where customers can purchase farm products from their favorite local farms and have the products delivered to their home free of charge.  The site is being provided by the owners of Carroll Farm-To-Table, a local farm that markets free-range beef, chicken and pork in Ellicott City. 


“We are excited to be debuting this site on Cyber Monday,” said Carroll Farm-To-Table owner Christopher Merdon.  “While the site is launched by Carroll Farm-To-Table, it is a resource for all local farmers and producers to market their products.” 


Howard County Farm-To-Fork markets products from Carroll Farm-To-Table, Sugarloaf Sustainable Farms, Roseda Black Angus Farm and Shenandoah Valley Lamb and hopes to add other local farms in the near future.


“We are excited to be a part of this project.  Farms have a greater chance of success when we work together,” said Joe Brown, President of Sugarloaf Sustainable Farms.


While many residents purchase their produce and meats from farms and farmer’s markets during the summer months, many people don’t realize that local fresh products are available all year long.  This site provides the opportunity for residents to see what is available twelve months a year. 


“Farmers make fresh meats and cheeses available year-round, but many customers are unaware and return to the big-box supermarkets during the winter months.  We are raising awareness that locally grown fresh products are available twelve months a year,” said Merdon.


Howard County Farm-To-Fork is offering free delivery to make it as convenient as possible for residents to shop locally.  Deliveries will be made once a week to homes located in Howard County.  Online credit card payments are also available.

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